Cash Flow


Growing cash flow and cash in your bank account should be an integral part of growing revenue and profits.


As your business grows, the cash in your bank should grow in proportionally.


Using powerful cash flow analysis tools, and decades of experience, I can grow your business's cash flow and cash at bank .


Revenue & Profits


Growing revenue for your business should combine growing your profits.  

Profits will equate to how much money you can take out of your business.


Work with me to build your profit, manage tax against profit with cash flow and build your take home income to increase your lifestyle and wealth.

Value Growth

Growing your equity value will grow the value of your business.


The CEO must focus on growing revenue, and growing profits to grow the value of the business.


Work with me to grow four areas successfully: revenue, profit, cash flow and business value.


Don't leave this to chance, find out how we work together to grown an assured outcome.


A Focused Way To Grow

I help frustrated business owners who find their business is not giving them the income or lifestyle they want to take control of their business while doubling their income and getting back more life without the frustrations of doing this on your own in as little as 90 days.


When you work with me, we grow your revenue, grow your profits, grow your cash flow and equity... we do this in a focused way.  When you work with me, we will work on your goals and the goals you have for your business.  


I will assess all financial aspects of your business so we understand what drives revenue growth, what drives profit growth, what drives cash flow growth and what drives equity growth.  Once this foundation has been achieved, we will set in place a number of financial KPI's to follow and monitor.


There are 7 key money drivers in your business and 6 key cash flow drivers.  These drivers are modeled in my financial system to build a model of your current situation.  Once we have your current business situation modeled, we then undertake a number of What If scenarios to build your future business, and we drive toward that future.


By doing this we have a know financial outcome for your business and a set of strategies needed to achieve our future business. Then it's a simple matter of working toward that via a P.E.R.T process so we tick off our achievements, know what the next achievement we are going for, and arrive at our destination.


I work with you closely with you... every step of the way. 


I only work with a small list of dedicated clients so those clients have my direct input, coaching, and business advice... and, I will also assume some of the heavy lifting so we arrive at your goals sooner.



Brisbane Qld Australia

Tel: +61 428 788 155

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