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The Pinnacle of Business Excellence: Choosing Value Over Discounting

Updated: Feb 13

In the complex realm of business, particularly in fields like professional services, accounting, law, and business coaching, the looming threat of competition is undeniable. This is an arena where the rules of engagement are in constant flux.

In this environment, many businesses are enticed by the idea that lowering prices will save the day. On the surface, it appears simple – reduce the cost and draw in customers right away. However, based on my extensive interactions with global businesses, I've realized that this approach is not only overly simplistic but can also lead to serious negative outcomes.

Imagine this scenario: You walk into a place, money ready, all set to invest in a service that you believe will bring you substantial benefits.

But before you even express your needs, you're handed a discount offer. Now, who would turn down a good deal? While it might feel great initially, from a wider business perspective, this is a clear example of causing harm to oneself.

Now, let's dive into the realm of numbers, where the real facts lie. Let's say your business has a healthy profit margin of 45%. Tempted by the idea of quick sales, you decide to offer a 10% discount. This isn't just about shifting numbers; you're putting a significant part of your profits at risk. To recover from this loss and get back to your previous level of profitability, your sales would need to skyrocket by a staggering 28.6%. And when you factor in the complexities and costs of acquiring new clients, you're facing an enormous challenge.

The data, illustrated in Table 1, shows the chain reaction set off by regular discounting. Here, you'll find detailed explanations of the discounting table and the price amplification table for your review.

The consequences? Businesses find themselves caught up in a tangle of rising expenses, using up funds that should be reserved for exploring new sales avenues. They're also walking a tightrope by delaying payments to suppliers just to keep operations going.

Now, if giving discounts isn't the ultimate solution, what's the secret ingredient? The answer is as old as trade itself: Value. It's not a race to the bottom by lowering prices. It's a journey to excellence.

Changing Business Mindset – The No-Discount Strategy: Make a bold shift. Say goodbye to frequent discounts, and you send a strong, clear message to your customers. Whether it's a product or a service, every dollar of its price shows how incredibly valuable it is. While discounts aren't entirely wrong, they need to be used wisely and strategically. Focus on offering greater perceived value instead of simply cutting prices.

Let's make this clear with an example: Reducing a $2,000 service by 10% takes away $200 from your profit. Compare that to adding a product or service worth $200, which might only reduce your earnings by $100. Make use of digital tools like a 'How To System', 'Check Sheets', or detailed guides. If these tools are considered to have a value of $200, then essentially, you've avoided giving discounts altogether. The challenge – and the opportunity – lies in creating these invaluable resources that perfectly match what your company provides.

Embark on the Journey of No-Discount Leadership: Taking this bold step marks a major change in your business story. By leaving behind the familiar practice of offering discounts, you make a strong, albeit unspoken, statement: Your services, reflecting pure expertise, deserve their full value. If market trends call for extra value, provide this through service bundles or impactful digital offerings. This way, you protect your financial well-being while also giving clients unmatched value.

Enhance Your Team's Skill in Expressing Value: Remember, your team isn't just part of your company; they're its life force. Equip them with the right training and tools to highlight the exceptional benefits your services bring. Help them understand that each interaction with a client is not just a transaction—it's an immersion into a world of top-notch expertise.

Shine a Light on the Virtues of Value: When clients bring up cost concerns, prepare your team to shift the focus to the lasting benefits and overall essence of your offerings. This isn't just about hiring a company; it's about forming a partnership with an institution known for its unmatched mastery.

Mastery of the Art of Insightful Dialogue: Give your team the skill of effective communication. This means sparking conversations that extract valuable insights from clients. Change the dialogue from the ordinary "Do you need XYZ service?" to the more thought-provoking, "Which challenges can we assist you in overcoming today?"

Harness the Strength of Customized Scripts: While scripts might sound ordinary, their power comes from adapting them. Tailored to reflect your company's values and delivered with confidence, these scripts transform simple conversations into persuasive symphonies.

As the wise Zig Ziglar once said, "Starting may not demand greatness, but greatness unquestionably commences with the choice to begin." It's crucial for top-notch companies to readjust their paths, moving away from discount-focused approaches in favor of building unmatched value. By doing this, you not only outshine your competitors but also raise your company's essence in the market arena.

In the pursuit of remarkable business achievement, always keep in mind: The path to exceptional success is paved with the preciousness of authentic value. Strive to grow, enrich, and rise. Your company's future brilliance is ready for you to embrace.

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